Not My World

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Not My World Lyrics

Sorry - This is not my world

This is not my

This is not my

This is not my World

In my world there is happiness
happiness for all

In my world there is happiness
for the big the tiny and small all

In my world nobody needs to steal

there is no greed no
no, no greed - no, no greed for real

we share what we do yeah and we share what we love
there is no no need for fighting cause we had enough

In this world you will not ask any questions of honor
no provocation free interpretation
the funny side of horror

and in this world there is no religion we support and believe in ourselves
sure this world is a simple fiction hands up all boys and girls

In my world we say hello and we will say good bye
but always with a soft soft soft soft soft soft softer tender smile

no one is obsessed by motors pretending to rule the whole sky
everyone is a part of the crew and he will she will fly
come on

Jump jump Jump jump Jump fool the rhythm in my world you can dance
for as long as you want to
and your mood at a first glance

in this world there is no oppression suppression silly talks of paradise
that fantasy and slow processor and cause for aggression that why

this is not my world…
this one is too aggressive
we're putting the guns on our chests - why?
there could be food water for everyone
there is enough of it

too little want too much and too many have too little


Not My World Lyrics - copyright Oliver Ohene-Dokyi 2017. all rights reserved.


from Hi!, track released April 6, 2017



all rights reserved


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